Cachao strawberry delivers an exceptional fruity taste experience. The balanced sweetness of gently home dried strawberries perfectly complements the raw and natural cacao flavour of Cachao

Cacao content: 71%. Raw cacaobeans, coconut palm sugar, raw cacao butter, dried strawberry, raw vanilla powder, fleur de sel. Free from all chemicals, soy products, and additives. May contain traces of nuts

Tasting method:
Taste at room temperature. Allow the chocolate to dissolve in the mouth and distributed by the tongue. Taste like wine, paying attention to the flavors, chocolate body, harmony of flavors and aftertaste in mouth. Take time to perceive it. Depending on the variety and mixture, you will recognize exotic flavors or aromas of dried fruits, plus the nuances of cacao.

Keep in a dry and cool place, max 18°C (64°F).