Cookies policy

The purpose of this document is to set out the cookies policy for the website of Cachao S.L.U., with registered office in Mallorca, Calle Cotoner 58, 07013 Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain, and holder of Corporate Tax Code B-57768053.

Henceforth, the expression “User” shall refer to all natural or legal persons that for whatsoever reason access the website of Cachao S.L.U. or use its services. Under all circumstances, the use of these services entails the full and unqualified acceptance of these conditions governing the use of cookies.

Cookies are files that are stored on the device used when the user visits the website. The cookies themselves are not used to obtain users’ ID, and are generally employed for the following purposes:

• to remember the name of the user and password for future visits to assist their identification as a user of our website
• to remember their language and other preferences
• to provide a secure service for online payment transactions
• to quantify user visits and the preferences of these users
• to provide the information required in accordance with their interests, language, country, etc.

Cachao S.L.U. may collect information through files such as cookies or information on the browsing of its website by users. These devices are exclusively associated to a single user and their access device (computer or mobile phone).

There are different types of cookies: some of these are required to enable the website to work properly; others are for advertising purposes, and others save the configurations made by the website user, etc.

Cachao S.L.U. uses a range of cookies, including those of an analytical type, to measure and analyse website browsing by users. This latter type of cookie enables the behaviour of website users to be monitored and analysed with regard to those websites to which the cookies are linked. Cachao S.L.U. uses the data obtained to make improvements to its website, having analysed the usage data of users.

Web analytics do not provide information on the name, surname or e-mail or postal address of the user, and the information captured refers exclusively to the number of users that access the website, the number of pages viewed, the frequency and repetition of visits, the duration of these visits, the browser employed, the service provision operator, the language, the terminal used or the country or city of the user based on their IP address.

Furthermore, Cachao S.L.U. may also use behavioural advertising cookies to manage advertising space in accordance with specific criteria. These cookies are used to control and to record information on the behaviour of users obtained through ongoing observation of their browsing habits, which enables customised advertising to be displayed. These cookies are merely of an advertising and marketing nature.

Should you wish to obtain further information on the cookies used by Cachao S.L.U., you may contact us at the following e-mail address:

Cookies used on this website by Cachao S.L.U.:

• Analysis cookies

Other computing technologies may also be used for these purposes, providing information on the users’ habits with regard to website visits and understanding how they interact with e-mails or advertisements. These technologies provide non-personal information about the user (for example, their O/S, their browser version and the URL address from where they access) and uses information to enhance their experience on the website and to understand the patterns used when browsing the site.

In any case, at all times the user may choose to disable cookies in accordance with their browser configuration (check the “help” menu in your browser to find out how to remove or block cookies). Cachao S.L.U. refutes liability under all circumstances for the configurations of the user’s equipment or for any possible difficulties that may arise when disabling cookies or changing their configuration. There are different browsers that will provide you with instructions on the simple administration of cookies.

Remember that if you refuse to accept cookies, your capability to perform certain transactions on the website may be affected, as will our capability to recognise your browser from one visit to the next. This means your details would have to be entered afresh each time.

As mentioned previously, Cachao S.L.U. may periodically amend this Policy and is entitled to do so at all times.