What’s Cachao

“Food of the Gods”
Cachao is pure cacao chocolate made of 100% organic unroasted cacao beans. Raw cacao was revealed by ancient cultures as the “food of the gods”.

Cacao is cultivated and harvested from the fruit of the cacao tree and is the basis of chocolate. We source our cacao from food forests in Cajamarca, Peru and Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

What’s Cacao

Cacao is a rich natural source of magnesium, iron, and chromium, known for its positive effect on blood pressure and bone structure, regulating cell growth and supporting brain and heart function. Cacao has a positive mood-lifting effect, and therefore works as a natural anti-depressant, increases energy, and is best known to be nature’s best aphrodisiac.

However, this is only true with raw cacao, which has not been heated above 42°. Most commercially available chocolate is heated to approximately 130°, and contains added sugar and milk, destroying the healing effect of raw cacao and blocking the absorption of its valuable antioxidants.

How we do it

Cachao is made from unroasted cacao beans cultivated on small sustainably managed farms in Cajamarca, Peru and processed in a fair trade cooperative called Villa Andina. The cacao trees grow naturally amongst mango, pepper, vanilla and coconut palm trees, in contrast to vast industrial cacao plantations -which provide 90% of the world’s cacao-.

Through a carefully controlled production process, the cacao beans are cold-ground at temperatures below 42° to preserve all its natural attributes. The raw cacao is then mixed with natural ingredients and flavors, such as coconut palm sugar, vanilla, fleur de sel and organic dried fruits.