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Tino Wolter – Creative Food Designer, bconnected Holistic Food

“As a chef I love preparing good food – but more importantly – I love how it brings people together.”

Since childhood, Tino has always been passionate about food. For him, food is a “social magnet” – people of all cultures and ages gather around food to prepare, share and eat food together. His passion for food inspired him to become a chef, but more importantly he has gained an understanding of the health and healing properties of food, and the importance of organic and ecologically sustainable food sources. Tino started working as a chef in Berlin in 2000. He spent some time perfecting his skills in Switzerland, and then went on to specialise as Chef de Partie Patisserie, mastering his skills with pastries and sweets.

In his capacity as creative food designer for bconnected Holistic Food, he is closely aligned to natural products, sourced from ecological and sustainable sources, free of refined sugar, dairy, artificial flavourings and preservatives, and what Tino describes as “unnecessary carbohydrates”.
Tino creates a food experience that leaves your taste buds craving for more.

“Each ingredient is as intense as the time you take to taste it...
Each aroma is enhanced as you observe the flavours unfold in your mouth. Be open, be curious - pause for a moment – and taste.
All the ingredients and herbs have been gently dried and finely ground; carefully blended to make up a variety of distinct, natural flavours.
Cachao is chocolate in its most raw and natural form, rich in flavour and saturated with natural nutrients.
Move with open eyes through this world. The pleasure lies in the detail.”

Tino Wolter

Chocolate Maker

bconnected Holistic Food

“We do what we love, and we love what we do” Christine Leja

bconnected Holistic Food is a natural extension of the bconnected concept.
Christine Leja, CEO and founder of bconnected has always surrounded herself with creative people, beautiful places and distinctive design objects.
Her love for travel, learning about new cultures, spotting new designs, creating beautiful spaces and connecting with people is her trademark - and naturally food forms an important link in that circle.

bconnected Holistic Food encompasses all that bconnected stands for, but more importantly, it is about producing natural, ecological and sustainable products, that enrich the body, delight the palate, and of course, are designed to tempt.

Big Tree Farms, Bali

Economically Viable - Ecologically Sustainable

The goal of Big Tree Farms is the successful realisation of sustainability, which is achieved through a balance between economy and ecology.
Big Tree Farms was first initiated on a mountain farm in the highlands of Bali, however has grown and expanded as efforts were made to build a network and create direct relationships with small farmers throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

Big Tree Farms operates sustainable supply chains on more than 10 islands across Indonesia’s archipelago of 17,000 islands and atolls. These sustainable supply chains are deeply involved social relationships with individual farmers and community farmer groups. The producers involved become part of a “family of farmers” and their needs, hopes and dreams become integral to the overall goals of the Big Tree Farm program.